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I Just Love That!

  • Doctor Who: Having to wait for a new season and a possible regeneration.
  • Sherlock: Season 3
  • Harry Potter: Each book AND Pottermore
  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire

via dolliecrave

Ladies and Gentlemen..The star-crossed lovers from District12.

via dolliecrave


Clearly the arena’s just a giant version of The Sims for the Gamemakers…


"Dont worry ill get him to the table at gunpiont if neccesary."

Effie Trinket (via panemetceses)

Effie and Haymitch in Pink → Requested by itsasparklydisneyworld


THG - Sleep

For Anon, who wanted Hayffie asleep on the couch and intelligently-screwed, who wanted dark-haired Haymitch. 

I’m honestly digging dark-haired Haymitch. I may just draw him dark-haired from now on! We’ll see.

So, hello! This here is Effie Trinkets new blog, and it's very lovely to meet you all! I just love that! Here I will post only the very best of the interweb, from photos, to songs, to lovely stories you write! And I also have an ask box, in which I will answer the very most scandalous questions you can think off! It's not often you can get me to agree you that! No! So scroll down, and I hope you enjoy this lovely little insight into the life of Panem's very finest escort... xx

Twitter: @IJustLoveThatE

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